I’m not really on vacation, but I kind of am.  Some of you may have noticed I’ve pretty much checked out and have not been online. I’ve decided to take time for myself until the Fall. I’m exploring the Danish art of hygge. Actually I was already familiar with hygge, but I’ve been relaxing and waiting for the summer heat to go away and there has been tea and candles involved. I’m getting things done around the house and spending time with family. So if you have emailed me or instant messaged me on FB or Twitter I haven’t responded, that is why. I’m not ignoring you; I just haven’t been online.  I will try my best to get through emails and pop on to FB and Twitter, but it may take me awhile. I’m not exactly ready to come out of hiding yet LOL.  Honestly, I can’t count a day in the last 10 years I have missed being on the computer and I’m loving this. I think it’s a much needed break. I encourage all of you to do the same…unplug for a while and enjoy life. Read a book, hang out with family, and if you aren’t familiar with hygge, you should look it up. We  live way to fast nowadays and have a way of forgetting what’s really important. I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.  Hopefully, you are not like me and in a place that gets way too hot LOL.  Ahhh, but I can’t wait till Winter….Until next time….