According to my children I have officially lost it and taken the whole “I Christmas harder than you,” to a whole new level. I bought myself a Circuit for my birthday, next month, and I have been doing Christmas crafts. So far I have a couple of Christmas signs, a stocking holder, 3 little wooden snowmen decorations, and Christmas tea tray. Oh, and I started making Christmas cards. I decided this year I’d make all my cards. But in my defense I have been doing other things too. I’ve made Forth of July decorations and a Fall/Thanksgiving wreath as well as an anniversary card for my parents.  Plus I have been working on getting my backlist self published, so it’s not like I’ve been doing only Christmas stuff. However, I admit, I’m already ready for cooler weather. Summers are so long here. We get a good 5-6 months of summer, so I’m looking forward to the fall and winter and making Christmas stuff reminds me it’s coming…eventually.















So what’s next? Two Christmas wreaths for each of my windows at the front of my house and some new garland for around my front door. And whatever else I can think of. I definitely need a few more Christmas shirts…. Perhaps, Mother Nature will look at all the crafts as an offering and give me snow this winter? 

In writing news: I have uploaded My Regelence Rake and Diplomatic Relations for pre-order and I’m going over My Highland Laird one last time before sending it to be formatted.  Then I’ll put it up for pre-order as well.  I can’t wait till it’s released on Aug. 10th!

Hmmm…maybe I need to start a Christmas story?