I know it’s been awhile, and I do apologize. I’ve been trying to get things in order to re-release my Sci-Regency series, With or Without series, and the Ranch series. Sadly, it’s taken a bit of time with legalities and contracts to get things settled, but I’m finally on the verge of having those things taken care of and will start releasing books a little at a time.  

So what has taken so long? I’m working on getting the rights to all my covers so I can use them. I’m doing this partly for ease and partly because I know dedicated readers like to have all their covers matching. Some even like to have the newest covers on their books and I’d hate for them to have to rebuy them when there are no changes in the actual story. So, as of right now it does look like I will be releasing all my back list with the newest covers (Dreamspinner covers), and I will be asking the same artist to do the new releases as well, so they will all match.

I’m also looking into crediting the editor. My last publisher did not credit editors, which I personally find…well…not cool. Editors work hard and good editors are worth their weight in gold, so I’d like to give them credit. Luckily I will be able to use the same editor and line editor for future series books as they are still working together. I must say that even though the whole debacle with Dreamspinner has left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m thankful for the contacts I made through them, ie: the editor, cover artist, and new readers.

On that note…I’m looking forward to self publishing and having more control. And frankly, given the amount of publishers going out of business in the last few years, it feels like a much safer option. I’m sure readers are as tired as I am of the re-releasing of books slowing down the production of new material.

Also, I’ve done a lot of thinking lately. I know, I know. I can hear the groans now. 😉  I had to make some decisions that were not easy to make, but in the end I had to do what was right for me. As such, I have terminated my contract with Beyond the Page for the re-release of the Ranch series. I’m both saddened and relieved; I was looking forward to working with Beyond the Page, but I was not enamored of doing a complete overhaul of the series. To be honest, I’m torn between two opinions. As a perfectionist, I really would love to get another crack at The Tin Star and The Broken H and totally rewrite them. I write so differently now. However, it has been so long since I’ve worked on the series, I am very far removed from it. I found trying to revise a very unpleasant chore and I dreaded sitting down at the computer everyday. I think part of that is because of my second opinion and the advice of my critique partners which is that the stories should be preserved in their original form. The Tin Star and The Broken H were my very first books and I admit there is a nostalgia to them. Not only were they my firsts, but they were the firsts for a lot of readers. I still get emails from readers telling me that they love the books and that they were catapulted them into reading gay romance. As such, I have made the decision to leave them as is—with some editing and proofreading, of course—to preserve that sentimentality. They will, however, be getting new covers.

Now for the bad news: I will not be writing a third in the Ranch series. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I know that readers would like to have a book featuring John and McCabe, but I find that I can’t seem to get into the idea of doing a story for them. As I said it has been so long since I played in that world, and I am reluctant to dip back into it. 

So, what about the other series? I will be finishing both the other series (Sci-Regency & With or Without); I may even do a spin off series of the Sci-Regency series at some point in time.

As of now, I plan on releasing my back list throughout the remainder of the year, starting with My Fair Captain and I hope to have the newest as of yet unreleased Sci-Regency: My Highland Laird, out by the end of this year. I’m planning on the new With or Without story (Sterling & Rhys) by the first of next year. As to exact dates, I do not yet know, but the nice thing about self-pub, is I can release them quicker than with a publisher. I’m hoping to have My Fair Captain and Without Reservations back up within the next month and the others following soon after.  

Stay tuned for more updates…