So I’m back to writing and revising. I ended up taking a break over the holidays. I apologize for the radio silence, but I needed the break. Revision is…well let’s just say I’d rather have a root canal than do revisions. 😉 It seems like that is all I’ve been doing for the past several months, then add to that not getting paid for my hard work by my publisher… Well yeah, I needed the break!  

The good news is that I’m back to work now, starting today. I’m still revising The Tin Star, but on the side I’m writing. I decided the only way to get though more revisions with my sanity intact was to also write something fresh and new at the same time. So I’m trying that. It may take me longer to get the revisions done, but I’ll be sane. That is always a bonus. Don’t get my wrong I love revisiting old characters and enjoy the opportunity to improve my work, but revision is so tedious. What to keep, what to throw away… and so on.  It’s mentally draining; at least for me. I find I have to take it kind of slow or I start second guessing myself and want to either not cut anything or cut everything. Neither is a good option. So, I’m trying a new approach. Hopefully, it will be good for not only me, but for my work.  

In other news…I am in the process of getting my rights for the Sci-Regency series and the With or Without series back from Dreamspinner for lack of payment. I’ve been working on this since October. It’s an unfortunately situation all the way around and other authors have been very vocal about it, so I won’t expound on it. Because, honestly, I’m not sure what I could add to the conversation that has not already been said.  

So when is the next book release? Well, I’m working on it. I need to get my rights back in my hands first, but as soon as I do I will get things moving again. My Highland Laird, the next in the Sci-Regency series, is ready for release, so it’s waiting in the wings…so to speak.

On the home front, the chickens have started laying eggs. YAY! And I love free range time. It’s positively meditative following them around and watching their antics. It’s so relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s unplugging from the technology or what but I’ve come to appreciate free range time as much as the chickens.

I ended up with a new appliance for Christmas. A Ninja Foodi. For anyone contemplating getting one, I highly recommend it. It is awesome and cuts cooking time way down. So I will share recipes as I get them.  

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and New Years!  And I promise to get back on track and start posting more.  TTFN!