Question: Will you ever publish Sterling and Rhys’ story? I’ve been waiting forever.  When will it be out?

Answer: This is probably the question I get the most and the answer is a a resounding YES! Definitely! Sadly, Sterling and Rhys have been the victims of several delays. The first being my writer’s block, you can read about that here if you are so inclined ☺  

The second was a series of deaths in my family. Unfortunately, all three of the deaths were people very very close to me and my immediate family unit (husband and sons).  Not to say that I would not be sad over a distant relative’s death, but it would not have impacted myself and my family so much.  A lot of time was spent healing and accepting the deaths which happened all within a short time of each other. 

The next set back was my publisher closing. Which meant, I had to look for a new publisher. As you can probably imagine, that took some time and the new publisher 6wanted to get the back list out before Sterling and Rhys.

Sadly, there are problems with the current publisher, that need to be resolved before any more books can be released. So, I do not have a definite release date, but I will be doing everything in my power to get Sterling and Rhys released before the end of next year, whether it be though a publisher or through self publishing. 

Q: What is going on with The Sci-Regency series?  The next book was up for pre order and now it’s gone. When is it going to be released? Are there going to be more books in the series?

A: As I indicated in my prior answer, there are issues with the publisher that need to be resolved. I have no definite date for the next book in the Sci-Regency series, but again I will try my hardest to get it out next year. The earlier the better. I am planning two more books in the current series; one of which is already in the works. I also plan to do a spin off series related to the Sci-Regency stories. I’ve been asked by many readers to do a story for Steven and Raleigh.  Along with them, I will do stories for a few more couples, including: a couple you will meet in the next Sci-Regency (My Highland Laird),  Bannon and Blaise’s parents (the duke and Duke-Consort of Eversleigh), and Raleigh’s brother and brother-in-law.

Q: Is The Tin Star being revised and expanded?

A: YES!  The Tin Star and The Broken H are being given a complete overhaul.  I also plan on adding one more story to the series: The Quad J. 

Q: Will you be writing any new book that are not in the current series?

A: Absolutely. I plan to do a spin off series of the Sci-Regency (see above).  I also have plans for a spin off mystery series involving one of the With or Without characters. ☺ And there is at least one stand alone title on my list as well.  There are several books I want to do for my alter ego Jeigh Lynn as well. I’ve been neglecting that pen name and would dearly love to get back writing as her. 

Q: Are there going to be anymore in the With/Without series? Will Logan get a story?  Will Bambi and Gadget get a story?

A: I think so… I know that is kind of a vague answer, but I don’t have any definite plans. I have been toying with a few ideas though. I have not ruled out stories for Bambi & Gadget  and Carson (Aubrey’s PA) & Orin.  There are also two new characters who will be introduced in Sterling & Rhys’ story that are very intriguing to me. As for Logan, I’m really not sure. Logan’s mate is female and I’m not sure my readers would want to read about that. I may do a poll to gauge interest. The same thing goes for Muffin in the Sci-Regency series. Her story would be a heterosexual romance as well. If there is an interest I might write them both as Jeigh ☺ 

Q: Will Nate/Aiden or Colton/Sebastian have kids?

A:  Honestly, I had not considered that.  I plan on a prequel type series in the Sci-Regency universe, but I had not thought of doing the offspring of the current series’ heroes.  But I won’t rule it out.  Perhaps I’ll do a poll on that as well to gauge reader interest. I do love playing in that universe! 

Q:  What’s next? What is your current work in progress?

A: Currently, I’m working on the revision of The Tin Star.  After that, I’m not sure.  There is so much up in the air right now, so I’m playing it by ear, so to speak.