I finally gave in.  My husband has been wanting chickens for awhile now.  Having spent most of my preteen summers on my grandparent’s farm, I’m not unfamiliar with chickens or chicken poop!  Which is why I tried my best to dissuade my husband.  But alas he wore me down with the help of my youngest son.  So I’ve spent the last month and a half building a chicken coop.

I have to say I’m rather proud of the coop. A couple of years ago, when I acted as general contractor for my game room.  this time I actually did all the building, not just some of it; with the help of my husband. But back to the game room… While it was being built my husband kept teasing me and the boys that it was going to be his “hot chicks room.”  Needless to say, that did not happen; the game room is just a game room.  But I decided to give some back, so after the coop was built I made a sign for it, that says, “Dad’s Hot Chicks Room”.    Now my husband has a Hot Chicks Room.  I mean it is Texas, it’s almost always hot here, sooo…

So without further ado, meet the new family members:

This is Prissy. She’s a Barred Rock and quite a character.  So far she is by far the most personable of the chickens. And by personable I mean sweet and curious.  She already likes people. She is the oldest at around 10 weeks old and already a family favorite. If ever there was a “pet” chicken, it will be her.  

This is Buffy, a Buff Orpington.  Though her breed is known for their docility and affection with humans, she remains my most aloof chicken.  But I have hopes she will come around.  she’s also 10 weeks, but I suspect she’s a bit younger than Prissy.

This is Lucy is a Rhode Island Red and our baby. And typical baby of the family, she moved when I took the picture.

And finally, this is Janet!  I know, I know, a chicken named Janet!  If you are chuckling or even smiling, you will understand why I named her that.  the thought of a chicken named Janet amused the heck out of me.  Janet is an ISA Brown.  She is the second youngest next to Lucy and the second biggest personality next to Prissy. I’ve already had to get her off of the water bucket, she got mad at my youngest when he was standing guard and wouldn’t let her out of the pen and she bit him, and she now demands to have her free range time by kicking the door, like a rooster with spurs.  Oh and she quite comically walks down the roost to get to her spot and knocks the other chickens off.  Yes, she has a spot.  LOL Did I mention that my son gave them all mealworms the other night and while the others were content to eat the few he tossed them, Janet wanted the whole jar. Needless to say, Janet is sassy and another family favorite.

Speaking of family and chickens…. We have a new pastime.  It’s called chicken football.  Throw a grasshopper in and watch them go!  So far I think Prissy is the champ, though Janet is pretty good at chicken football too, and Lucy is no slouch. 

I have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having chickens, but I am happy with the decision.  So far my husband has done the majority of the cleaning. (He now understands what I meant about the poop.  There is loads and loads of poop). I am starting a compost for my spring garden, and the idea of fresh eggs to bake with is rather nice. And best of all is getting to watch the chickens. I had forgotten how funny and quirky they are.