Awhile back I did a post about tea while working on the Sci-Regency series, you can read the original post here, and I thought I’d post an update. I recently acquired some PG Tips and some Yorkshire Gold imported from England.

I can definitely say they are stronger than American brand teas and the PG Tips sold in America. However, I do not taste a huge difference in quality. Of course, this could be my untrained palate. Sadly, it occurs to me that I may be one of those Americans the tea companies think won’t know the difference. I do drink tea from a coffee mug. I hear my UK friends gasping in horror all the way across the ocean.  Never fear, I’ve decided to rectify this by buying myself a proper tea cup.

As for Yorkshire Gold vs. PG Tips again I don’t taste a lot of difference.  They are both good and they both taste like black tea to me. I am sort of curious how they would taste as ice tea though. I may give it a try and see if either can beat Liptons, they certainly do as far as hot tea goes.

***An update to my update 🙂 6-11-2019 : I will definitely be buying Yorkshire Gold again.  YUM.  Perhaps my tastebuds are more sophisticated than I’d first thought.