I, as many authors have, have had times when I’d sit down to write and the words just do not want to come. There are many distractions, like a sunny day outside your window (because who wouldn’t rather be outside playing?), family members talking, construction going on near by, or just plan ole procrastination. I admit procrastination is a big one with me. I do everything else first. Laundry, baking, vacuuming, checking email…you name it I’ve probably done it. So what do I do when my muse just does not want to cooperate? I have several techniques I try.

1) I write in first person then later convert it to third person.  It helps me get into a characters head. It makes things more immediate for me and helps me visualize better as I’m writing. It really sets up a deep pov. 

2) Set a timer. I set a timer for twenty minutes and close all other apps but Scrivener. I force myself to write the entire twenty minutes without stopping. That means absolutely no editing and no going back and rereading.

3) Competition. This goes along the lines of setting a timer. I challenge my critique partners to a duel.  We set our timers for 20 minutes and see who can get the most words in that time.

4) Read. Serious, I go read. It helps my brain get into writing mode.  Just seeing all those beautiful words on a page really gets my muse’s juices flowing.

5) Daydream. I lay down, close my eyes and be my pov character.  I ask myself things like, “What do they hear?” and “What do they feel?” I pretend they have a blindfold on and use all their other senses.

6) Listen to music. Music is another thing that really gets my muse revved and ready to go. 

7) Exercise.  It’s not only good for my brain, but good for my body and most of the time I can let my mind drift to my work in progress.

8) And finally when all else fails… I go do something else and try to forget about writing.  For some reason that inevitably gets my mind thinking about writing and sometimes that is all I need.  Just the permission to slack off.  Strange I know, but it does seem to work.