I’m just starting to write on the last in the Sci-Regency series ( the last for now at least ) and then I’ll be working on the release of the With or Without series followed by The Ranch series.  So two of the last books I’ll be working on are set in Texas.  I admit I’m anxious to see how my editors handle Texas.  You see someone not from Texas usually has a hard time with some of our vocabulary and the way we do things.  So it’s always interesting to see what comes up with editors because lets face it, Texas is…well Texas, and there is no place like it on earth.  

So in the spirit of things I thought I’d enlighten you non-Texans to a few Texas facts and things that have come up for me before with non-Texan editors:

  1. Texans have a pride in their state like no other state in the union. We aren’t just convinced Texas is the best, we KNOW it is  😉
  2. In Texas, we hold doors open for people and we talk to strangers in the grocery line.
  3. Speaking of groceries…  that thing you push your groceries in all the way up to the check out is called a buggy.
  4. Here it doesn’t matter what soda you’re drinking its called a Coke.  Though honestly I suspect Dr. Pepper is the most popular soda here. “Do you want a coke?”  “Sure, give me a Dr. Pepper.”
  5. Yes, grown men and women call their fathers “Daddy.” And more often than not our mothers are “Mama.”
  6. Yes, if you sing out “The stars at night are big and bright,” we will clap our hands and finish: “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”
  7. We really do say, “Ya’ll”
  8. You won’t drive a mile without seeing a truck on the road with you.
  9. We have beaches, deserts, rolling hills, and plains.  We even have the foothills of mountains. 
  10. “Aaaaaant….”  means cease and desist immediately or you’re gonna get it! Every child and pet knows this sound.
  11. If we pronounce the g in -ing words we’re being sarcastic or making fun of you. 
  12. Worsh = wash
  13. Weather changes here quicker than you can blink and eye.  And yes you can have all 4 seasons in 1 week.  Granted 78-80 degrees isn’t summer in Texas, but they are summer temps in other states.
  14. The phrase “Hey Ya’ll, watch this!” is most often followed with an emergency room visit.  

If you have not seen Joe Rogan’s comedy about don’t mess with Texas,  and tigers in Texas you should watch it.  It’s hilarious and true!  If you have not seen the Sponge Bob episode with Sandy talking about insulting Texas, you should look it up…also true.  It’s that Texas Pride I talked about :).