In the last manuscript I turned into my editor, I drifted away from Regelence society and visited a highlander planet called Skye.  It made me conscious of just how much I missed Regelence society.  And…that got me thinking.  Would I really want to live in Regelence’s society? One thing led to another and I realized that we aren’t all that far from the technology on Regelence. 

We have house automation with Alexa, Google, and Siri. Plus the various other things like Phillips hue, etc. We have sketch screens now as well as computer-pads. Or cars don’t hover yet, but there are trains that do. 

So how does the technology match up? Well, let’s see…

A compu-pad vs. an iPad or other tablets? This one I’d say is very very close if not identical. You can access information on both, you can read a book or newspaper on both, write journals, notes, memos and send messages.  

Jeffers vs. Alexa.  No contest, Jeffers wins this hands down. For one thing, he speaks Texan. How do I know? Because I say he does and I made him up. ☺ Leave me alone it’s my fantasy! Though Alexa and various home automation products can turn off and on lights, control your thermostat, your window shades, air conditioner vents, fans, and so many other things, Jeffers seems to be much more efficient. He’s never said to one of the Townsends, “I don’t know that.” Alexa can contact other rooms but unlike Jeffers she can not discern where a person is and contact that person specifically.  So Jeffers has the whole artificial intelligence thing going for him., whereas Alexa does not. Jeffers also controls Townsend Lifts. Alexa is not in our cars yet to my knowledge, though I know there is a google app for the phone that can be used in the car, but it certainly doesn’t control your car. Honestly that’s a good thing because I can’t imagine yelling at her while in traffic.  Alexa tends to annoy me and I usually find it easier and quicker to do the things I ask of her anyway.  Given all that I’ll take Jeffers any day. 

How about Sketchscrees and iPads/tablets? I think sketch screens are a little more advance, though I admit my experience with iPads and tablets is limited. However, an art pad such as a Wacom tablet a computer and Core Painter???  I’d say it’s pretty close. I really love playing with my tablet, computer and Painter. Replicating Bob Ross paintings on the tablet is a lot of fun!  

Given all that, I’d have to say we are definitely close to Regelence technology, The only thing that doesn’t really match up is the home butler, but we are slowly getting there.  I will say one of the things I love most about Regelence is that even though they have the technology they are not always plugged in. As much as I love technology, there is just no substitute to meeting people face to face and having an honest to goodness conversation. I wish we could be a little more like Regelence in that aspect.  How about you?  Do you like all the technology?  Would you move to Regelence if you could? What other similarities do you see in Regelence and our society?