Yep, trees as in two. I didn’t actually put lights up earlier than I planned, I put them up the Monday before Thanksgiving, but I added another tree to the mix. We are now a two tree household, and I’m trying to figure out a way to justify adding more.

You see, I needed another tree for the train. Years ago, I had a train that went around our tree when my oldest son was little. I started thinking about it last year and went searching for it. It was nowhere to be found, so of course I had to buy a new train. I wrapped it up and gave it to my boys for Christmas last year. Fast forward to this year. I pulled the train out only to discover that the track was too large for the space where the tree goes. Oh the horror! I have a very small room off my living room where we put the tree.  That tiny room also leads into our game room and the train would have been right in the walkway. The dogs would have destroyed it, so I simply had to have another tree for the train. My oldest son sat in the floor in the media room when he put the track together, playing with it for half an hour. I ask you, what mother can resist seeing her kids happy? So the obvious solution was to put the old tree in the game room and buy a new slimmer tree for the main part of the house.

So we have a classy tree and a fun tree with mix ornaments. And more room to walk around the tree leading into the game room.

Now I need to come up with a good excuse to get a tree for my media room.  right now the best I can come up with is that it will look lovely while we are engaging in our annual Christmas show marathon. Every year we watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Arthur Christmas, White Christmas, and A Christmas Story. That seems like a good reason to me, now to see if I can convince the rest of my family. The youngest is easy, he’s my minion, but the other two…I don’t know.  I can already hear the complains about having more branches to fluff and about my being to picky about how and where ornaments are hung. I won’t stop me from trying though. 😉