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TV Trash

In honor of Fall, I thought I’d share my recipe for TV trash.  I have to make this every November.  My son and husband demand it, and my brother-in-laws try to come over after it’s made as well.  I believe it’s just the standard Chex mix recipe with a twist.  I got it from my […]


Nope, not the Judy Blume story which is a great one, by the way.  Actually I wish I were talking about the book, but hey if you can’t laugh at yourself… A couple of years ago, I was sitting on my chaise reading a book and my husband was at his computer. Our oldest came in […]

Puppy Spa Day

Today was puppy spa day at the Langley household.  Astrid hates puppy spa day.  She doesn’t like getting her nails done, she can’t stand getting a bath, and she barely tolerates getting brushed. She cries through the whole experience. It’s really pathetic and you’d think she was being abused.  Hiccup isn’t crazy about any of […]

What is a Clip?

I did a post several years ago for my old Live Journal blog about magazines vs. clips and since I still see the misuse of these terms in books, I thought I’d revise the post in an effort to educate my fellow authors.¹ Honestly, this would probably be an easier post to do in video or […]