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TV Trash

In honor of Fall, I thought I’d share my recipe for TV trash.  I have to make this every November.  My son and husband demand it, and my brother-in-laws try to come over after it’s made as well.  I believe it’s just the standard Chex mix recipe with a twist.  I got it from my […]

Puppy Spa Day

Today was puppy spa day at the Langley household.  Astrid hates puppy spa day.  She doesn’t like getting her nails done, she can’t stand getting a bath, and she barely tolerates getting brushed. She cries through the whole experience. It’s really pathetic and you’d think she was being abused.  Hiccup isn’t crazy about any of […]

Jalapeño Bread

Friday night my Bread Machine finally decided it had had enough. I’d replaced the pan once already and as my son pointed out, I’ve had it for at least ten years, so it wasn’t surprising. After bidding it a fond farewell, I bought myself the beauty I’ve had my eye on for a couple of […]